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Mission: To provide essential personal care products that support and improve the health and self-esteem of adults and children in need.

Geographic Reach: Greater Boston (>4.5M population)

Annual Budget: $680,000 (2015 preliminary audit)

Impact to date: The organization has given away more than 160,000 personal care products to needy families over the past five years.

Special Note: The organization was initially conceived and founded by Jeffrey Feingold as a family philanthropic initiative in which his own young children and their friends could also be active participants.

Contact: Pat Flaherty, Managing Director,(774) 847-1245

Year Founded: 2009

Mission: To create innovative products to help kids living in extreme poverty have a better daily life - small practical things that can make a very BIG lifelong difference.

Geographic Reach: Countries with kids growing up in extreme poverty.

Annual Budget: $900,000

Impact to date: The first product is The Shoe That Grows - a show that can grow 5 sizes and last up to 5 years, thereby avoiding the expense of multiple shoe purchases during kids' years of fast growth. More than 50,000 pairs of Shoes have been distributed to kids in more than 50 countries.

Special Note: The innovation resulting in The Shoe That Grows took 5 years from initial conception to mass production.

Contact: Kenton, (208) 989-8867

Jewish Family Service of Metrowest, Inc

YearFounded:1 979

Mission: To provide vital social, health and community services to alleviate suffering, enhance lives and support people in need.

Geographic Reach: Greater Boston Metrowest

Annual Budget: $2.6M

Impact to date: The organization annually serves more than 5,000 people in need, providing afterschool academic support for low income children, nutrition and basic family assistance for struggling families, citizenship and immigrant programs, and geriatric care management services to enable frail older adults to live independently.

Special Note: The organization has earned a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America's largest independent charity evaluator.

Contact: Jayne Lampert, (508) 875-3100

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